The Top Three Types Of Rendering Sydney – Which One Should You, Choose?

At this point, we’ve already come to know the importance of rendering. It’s an essential layering work that your wall will need for it to stand the test of time and serve its purpose longer. However, when we think about home rendering Sydney, the issue that comes in our minds first is deciding which type of render is the best option for your home. There are a plethora of different rendering types available right now. In helping you decide which among of them the ideal one for your home is; this article will showcase the top three types of rendering finishes to give you an idea of each one and shed more light on which one you should choose.

Cement Render

Cement renders are the most popular types of home rendering options that you can find on the market. Known for its durability and affordability; cement renders offer a cost-effective rendering option that’s both durable and long-lasting. Cement renders not only seal and protect the brickwork of a home but can also provide additional support to any building when applied. It helps prevent moisture penetration and can safeguard your outer walls from the harsh outdoor environment. However, cement renders have some limitations. It’s not recommended for older homes as it’s incredibly rigid and can potentially crack or break easily.

Lime Renders

Lime renders were one of the oldest forms of rendering. Previously called ‘natural hydraulic lime render,’ it was a common rendering option for most buildings. It took a dip in the last few decades but is slowly making a comeback in the rendering industry. Of all the options available, lime rendering Sydney is the most breathable variant, capable of expanding and contracting with whatever building wall it coats. This feature makes lime renders one of the best choices for wooden walls or older buildings.



Polymer Render

Polymer renders are relatively new. It utilises a silicone water repellent as an essential part of the entire rendering process. It makes features are the ability to repel water on the surface, all while allowing water vapour to pass through to let the substrates beneath it breathe with ease. This type of render is perfect for brick or wooden walls.

Other notable options include Monocouche, Insulated, and Acrylic rendering. To know more about them, visit our blog page. You can also read some useful guides on how you can execute proper DIY rendering Sydney. Check it out now!